What Is Your Portrait?

Unique portraits that capture the imagination of innocence.

My mission is to create a unique portrait of your child that will have a positive response with your friends and family, spread some joy, and hopefully hung on various walls throughout your lifetime.

Best way to describe my services is by the word  “phainting” where photography and painting mix together.  It’s not so much a painting as it is a photograph and vice versa.  In other words, it is a realistic photograph with the touch of magic.  

The best way to approach your idea of your portrait is to think about your child’s interests: animals such as a bear, fox, giraffe, or a princess, a superhero, a hunter, or a simple pose with a simple background.  It’s also the qualities that you see in them so don’t leave out your imagination during the process.   I’m looking for a general idea to build off of and it’s worth your time, which may take a weeks or a minute.  Either way, it will be yours and special!  Especially if you invested a little time into the idea, it makes the experience worthwhile in hindsight and something to be proud of.  That kind of pride is the good kind.

Have an idea in mind or need some input?  I truly enjoy brainstorming so please don’t worry if nothing comes to mind.  Be patient and give it a day or two to come up with some general ideas then email me.  If you are stuck, contact me anyways it’s not really necessity but it does help me start the creative process on my end.  So please email me first with whatever you can offer and I’ll narrow it down.

the email~> justinjohnphotography@gmail.com

What to expect?  Portrait sessions run 15-30 minutes.  Its is important for a  Parent or Family member to be present and lets just say MUST be present  during the photo session.  I’m gonna need your help!  It really is a fun shoot that gets you interacting with your child.  You know them best so you have the choice to be the director.  That bond can bring out the magic.

A portrait can take a minimum of two weeks for creation.  Some portraits are more complex than others.  With that said, keeping it simple is encouraged.  Less is certainly more profound.   The term, “Good things come to those who wait” accurately describes the process.   My goal is to create an image that holds the magic.


Options include:

Professional Printing Service:  many sizes printed on metal, canvas, acrylic, and paper.

In House Printing:  smaller prints on premium matte photo paper for sizes:  8×10, 11×17, 13×19.  Heat Transfer metal prints are also available in 8×10 & 11×14.


More questions?  Email me:  justinjohnphotography@gmail.com

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